Input Connections


I would like to use some external switches to select Home, Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, Coolant Mist On/Off input from my control panel. I can see these functions listed in the inputs menu but I can't find an example wiring diagram showing what is needed.
  1. Are these inputs simply looking for +ve input and from a momentary switch connected to the Masso power source?
  2. Do these inputs require shielded wiring?
  3. How much current that these inputs support?

My Masso is powered using a 24v DC power converter.

Thanks, Steve


MASSO Support
Staff member
Yes you just simply need to connect the +ve from the MASSO power supply and then the other side of switch to the MASSO input. MASSO inputs can take from 5 to 24v so 24v is totally ok. The current requirement is very minimal and you can use any switch.