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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Peter Passuello and I have recently come on board with Masso.

I've been involved with the CNC for the past 13 years building various CNC machines and using them.

I live in New Zealand on the West Coast of the South Island and by day I'm a telecommunications technician. Any spare time I have is taken up with my CNC addiction.

I've had my own YouTube channel under the name CNCnutz for the last 10 years but really only been creating content for the last 8 or so and seriously in the last 5 years. (Where has the time gone?)

My knowledge of CNC is reasonably broad and I will do my best to help out with the questions you may have.

I'm looking forward to working with you all.




Welcome Peter, nice to see you with Masso -what a great addition you will be. By the way, I love your YouTube channel. Patrick


Welcome aboard Peter.

Glad you found your way over here. I have been a following of your YouTube channel for years. You are certainly a great addition to the Masso team. They certainly can use some experienced help.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


Hello Peter

Thank you for the many, many wonderful and helpful videos on setting up the Masso. Without you, I would have been dead in the water.

Firstly, just a line or two on myself. I have been running a Haas mill and Haas lathe for about 15 years but I have never tried getting into what makes these cnc machines tick.

I came across some stuff on a product called Masso while surfing the internet and was immediately interested. I had a small Sherline mill and a Sherline lathe laying about

and had never really cottoned on to the linux based software that came with the machines and so they lay unused in the storeroom. Anyway, I thought why not get a Masso and try and hook it up to the little Sherlines.

And so began a path filled with a lot of fun and considerable frustration. Long story short, I ordered a Masso G3 with all the bells and whistles from the guys down under.

In addition to that, I ordered the latest Chucker lathe from Sherline with a Sherline/Masso cnc controller as I got a job for a lot of small nylon parts which I did not want to commit to the big Haas lathe.

The G3 arrived within a few days and I started setting it up on the Sherline mill and thanks to you I had every thing hooked up and running within a week. all except the spindle controll!!

Sherline were most helpful in trying to assist with getting the encoder and speed control hooked up to the G3 and eventually said why don't you just ask Masso as they had produced a unit for their Sherline motors.

The path we went down is clearly depicted on the Masso forum under "HELP REQUIRED WITH WIRING THE MASSO ENCODER FOR A SHERLINE MILL".

On the forum, Arie was most helpful in trying assist but eventually suggested contacting you.

Is there any way you could find the time to browse the thread shown above and give me the answer as what to do with the 3 remaining wires to complete this installation.

Thank you Peter

Best regards



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Peter, Does this mean you can request Masso to supply you with a proper Plasma Table?

In doing so you can iron out all the problems the controller has and helps us plasma people overcome issues!

Just to make it work the same as the big dollar machines do.

It's a win win for everyone, especially for Masso as it will boost sales for them!

Thanks for everything you have done over the years, Ross.

Ps: Why aren't you wearing your mask!