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Hi Bruno here from Melbourne OZtralia.
Been building / retrofitting a Metex type 45 square column mill bench mill for couple of years.
[laziness and time constraints included]
Using 20mm screws/PMI double nuts on Z and X 20mm ground C1 screw/factory PMI double nut on Y.
DMM 750Watt AC servos with DYN 4 drives on XYZ and chinesium 3.8Kw AC servo on spindle drive with 1:1 and 2:1 manual belt drive.
Using original spindle body from the crappy gearbox and built a ally cage/box to house spindle body and top mounted spindle/belt drive and manual pneumatic tool changer.
Spindle body has been clocked in on my brothers lathe and machined to house matched pair of Fafnir ABEC7 60 degree AC spindle bearings [now .02mm TIR at spindle nose YIPPEE]
Top of spindle has a M1007 cylindrical bearing and floating pneumatic MTC draw bar has belleville springs. All servo mounts and bearing blocks hand machined doweled and bolt mounted into castings.
Brother [Mario] lives 5 doors away is an excellent [read PRECISION] machinist / partner in crime has king rich mill, lathe, surface grinder etc, etc has done all the machining and a wealth of help [ BIG UP BRO]
Ways have been blued and hand scraped and Y axis bed needed the surface grinder treatment and re scraping to flatten the Chinese rock n roll out of it.
Every way and ballnut is plumbed for individual way oil injection [please can any body help me with putting photos on this ???]
Large section steel table 2 metre X 1 metre coolant tray with bottom drainage/chip catchment the clear acrylic enclosure/door and frame coming soon as i wire up to the big electrical cabinet.
Setup 2 X mist shooters and air blaster solenoids at the spindle. Have 24V and 240V at the spindle for future use if needed. Z axis is supported off the double brick wall both fore & aft [polyurethane] and laterally.
Did basic electronics and electrical way back so I sort of understand whats going on. Spent 15 years as a service tech with IBM and various other companys maintaining lots of different stuff from golfball typewriters,
high speed printers, photocopiers [the big ones you had to actually repair and not just board swap] high speed intelligent mailing systems [ like 5 envelopes per second filled with individual barcoded documents]
build motorbike engines and suspension/ chassis stuff hence the mill. hope to have it running within a coulple of weeks so i can fire up the MASSO G2 i bought over a year ago.
hope to hear from you guys on the forum coz i got a lot of questions regarding spindle drive setup i.e. encoder indexing/feedback PWM V analoge control and electronic gearing in G and M codes for thread milling
and rigid tapping.
Help with photos posting????
Im old and cranky, hate social media but love like minded mechanical reprobates.
Cheers and thanks for any future support
Bruno Antonello


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Welcome to the forum, from a West Aussie.

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Hi there I am from Melbourne also what area are you located maybe i could call around and see if i can help you out. I am pretty good at the wiring and electronic side it would be great to meet another Masso owner

Btw welcome to the forum and look forward to hearing more regarding your project

Cheers steve

Arie I never knew you were an Aussie also looks like there might be a few of us


Hi Steve, and thanks for the reply, I'm in Macleod real close to Macleod railway station,

My mate Hamish [electrician, real good one BTW] is in west Heidelberg has a scratch built router using MASSO G3 [mines a G2]

He is hand writing G code and machining parts for precision rifle competition and I am learning heaps and bothering him at the same time.

All good on the wiring side and electronics but would be happy to see you any time and share some ideas.

We all need to brain storm and keep expanding this CNC thing into a monster.

Ive got a lot of questions I need to shoot into the forum when I get the time to do so.

Cheers Bruno


G day guys

I'll give this a forum thing a crack.

I have a MASSO G2 and almost finished the enclosure wiring I have a 2500 RPM 3.8 Kw AC servo belt driven to my own spindle.

Its a KRS Chinese jobbie with lots of functions parameters etc etc has braking resistor and coast down to stop at index [ I believe]

I would like to run this thing under as much control as possible ie CW and CCW and also stop at encoder "Z" pulse home for rigid tapping/thread milling and to help with clocking the tool holder/tool to spindle concentricity.

Also i think it has encoder freq/pulse divider parameter to output lower freq so I can use it on MASSO encoder feedback as it has 2500 PPR and also manual says [2500p/r,15 line increment model, differential output]???

I believe 2500 in quadrature X 2500 RPM's is way to much for the logic's so i'm hoping the freq divider can be used in speed mode? open to suggestions please????

I think it has logic input and collector inputs and what looks like 24v dc power to the input/control DB 25 plug, [I'll try and send the manual]

I did find a MASSO support response to a member regarding a very similar servo drive manual saying wiring up in Step/Dir + and - under 10v analogue control will do the trick but I'm not sure if it was for

Axis control or Constant/Variable spindle speed control, gets very confusing and nervy!!!

The control mode on the manual says "IBGT and PWM" does this mean I can utilize MASSO's PWM control to full advantage ?? Like TTL in the spindle control output terminal ??

Wondering whats the best way to wire/run it. If i need to make a relay flip flop and or freq divider Im up for it.

I have already pre wired the DB 25 plug for control [CN2 interface on the drive] with shielded twisted pairs but come to grinding halt with hook up!!!!!

So far I THINK....

MASSO pin 1 0-10v to pin 25 VREF at servo

MASSO -ve to pin 13 AGND st servo

Pin 1 and 13 on the servo seems to be logic GND as the DB 25 metal plug surround is at chassis GND/ earth.

PA+ PA PB+ PB PZ+ PZ which ones are used? or do I have to switch them for CW CCW???
OZ GND Do I need to power this to give encoder Z a better signal??

Could I use the CN1 port in RS 485 to do the control??

If anyone out there in MASSO land has had these issues love to hear from you's. Thanks to ARIE and STEVE FRISBY for your help/offers of help.

I'm not real good with this stuff so if any one can help It would be much appreciated.

Your's sincerly / frustrated




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