Bryan Fellner
Hi everyone,

My name is Bryan Fellner I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I've spent the last twenty plus years working in the manufacturing industry mostly doing industrial design for military defence, aerospace, for the last five years working at a agricultural OEM company. Even though I work in the metal industry, woodworking has always been where my true interest lies, my home shop is where I can really enjoy myself and forget about the everything else.

Sixteen years ago I bought my first CNC router, it's a 40"x 40"with 8" z-axis running on Mach3. It had originally came with it's own NC spooler that was very limited on the g-codes it could handle, I ran it like that for ten years. Six years ago I changed out parallel port interface and added a USB motion controller board so I could run it on Mach3. This worked okay, it was a big improvement in functionality, but I wasn't overly happy with the the performance I was getting. I've looked at all the controller options and Masso was the best fit for my wants and needs.

Fast forward to today my new year's resolution for 2020 is to turn this machine into the CNC router I really want it to be. So on Jan 1st I placed my order for a the Masso G3 and I'm currently working with an applications engineer at Tecknic to size up some ClearPath servo motors. The mechanical, design and programming side of things I'm quite comfortable with, the electrical side not so much! So I may have some question putting all this together.

Here's a photo of my CNC Router thats getting the Masso makeover.

Look forward to meeting other users and helping out others where I can.


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