Hi all, Mtlchsr here... That's short for Metal Chaser... an old world term for an engraver using 'chasers' chisels, in this case traditional hammer and chisel engraving. I also run a one man band general engraving shop in New Zealand. I have a Gravograph IS400 Rotation engraving machine for diamond drag and spindle work. Running Gravostyle 8 software. A Meistergram flat bed, retro fitted with a Q1 kitset (done years ago - goes well) also running the Gravostyle. A Chinese 60 watt laser with Ruida stuff and software. I do all layouts etc in Coreldraw first for this. What else..... oh yes , my recent nightmare... a Vertigo MX2 router. Hence my being on this forum...going to retro fit with Masso and Gecko. here is a pic of what I like to do if time permits and I am not busy trying to scratch out a living


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