CNC Maker
Hi guys,

thought I had better get on here and do the intro thing.

My name is Warren Maker, live in Melbourne, Australia.

First started playing with CNC way back in 2000. Had an 8x4 homemade 100 watt laser table cutting RC model aircraft kits . Then converted a round column mill, then a BF30. then designed and built a small bench top mill/router built like a brick dunny.

My current project I am building a new desk top router (1000x500) for my son to cut carbon fiber with for his business.

He currently uses my brick dunny model but now needs a bigger faster machine

I have always in the past only ever used Mach, so moving to Masso for this new build will be a learning curve.

If mechanical design is my strong point, then electrical is my nemesis, so i will defiantly be needing help with that for a bit.

Any way that's enough raving, looking forward to getting to know you guys,

thanks, Warren.