Is there a 5 volt output on the Masso controller?


Are you looking for a dedicated 5v to power an external circuit or a 5v switchable signal to turn on and off?

Nearly all of the outputs on MASSO can do the latter.


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Masso outputs 5 volts ion its TTL outputs at logic levels only. you cannot drive anything from them other than another TTL interface.

There is no 5 volt power supply on Masso.




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Hi @jim-in-michigan

Have you tested the stepper drive to see if it works without an enable signal?

Many stepper drives use the enable to disable the drive rather than enable and according to the manual for your drive it says the ENBL- is normally left disconnected (enable)

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Jim in michigan
I need some more help with wiring. Sorry to say I am not very good at reading wiring schematic's. Do I need more than a four wire cable to go between the Masso and my stepper drivers? Does anyone know how to set the dip switches on my stepper drives? I have Wantai 2H microstep drivers DQ860ma, Long's stepper motprs model 34HST 9805-02B2 2A 1.8deg/step. Thanks Jim


Hi Jim,

I needed a 5v supply for the "Disable" pins on my gecko drives. My safety circuit does not go through the Masso. It goes through an industrial safety relay and I needed a 5v 'signal' that was ALWAYS available to inhibit the drives should an Estop condition arise. I ended up using the 5v on a USB port that is available on the Masso itself (which is always on). I just used an old phone charger cable and stripped the 5v+ from it. The negative comes from the Negative of the Masso power supply itself. Since this 5v is only acting as a signal and not a power source it should be okay to use as the current draw is negligible in this situation.