Is there a super secret configuration screen that I am missing?


So I have just wrapped up getting my Bridgeport mill retrofit with 4 axis Masso control, all AC servos.

I cannot believe the lack of flexibility I have with this controller relative the mach3 LPT systems that I have done in the past.

1: No Backlash compensation? This is a bare bones requirement, I am scratching my head on this one.

2: I have not found anywhere were I can change the rapid rate, There are many applications were steppers might not be able to run as fast as the default setting.

3: When executing rapid moves in 2 axis at the same time, it jerks, rapid any one axis and all is smooth.

4: Single line MDI only wants to execute my code half the time, especially circular moves. (Been a machinist/programmer for 25 years so I know when its my code that is the issue)

5: I asked before purchase if it can home both gantry motors on a router as though they are slaved but independently at the home switch for accurate squaring of the gantry. I was told yes absolutely but I am not seeing how this would function or were it is configurable.

Any info on these things would be helpful, Thank you


MASSO Support
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hello @kennycritical

please see the below:
  1. backlash comp was removed due to a bug and been released again, for the time being it's released for testers and we can email you that software update, please let us know your controller serial number.
  2. sorry not able to understand your question regarding rapid rate change, can you please provide some more details.
  3. Jerk in 2 axis, can you share a screenshot of the X, Y and Z axis settings from the F1 screen.
  4. yes MDI can only take single line of gcode.
  5. for slaving the axis, to slave X axis, please goto the A axis settings and tick the slave option, for Y axis you can do the same in B axis. Then in the inputs assign homing inputs for X, Y, Z and A or B axis as required. This way you will have two separate homing sensors on your axis with slave option, this will align the axis during homing.