It was all going well until..


The following problem is solved see edit at bottom.

At last I have got my new controller wired and talking to my hobby CNC with everything apparently working as it should. I set up my soft limits with little difficulty and did a calibration check firstly on the X axis. It was so close I shouldn't have bothered to try altering - but I did anyway and used the Wizard to do this. The number it produced was a ridiculous 1700 and something when it should have been a whisker over 40 mm/rev. I didn't run with this figure but reinserted 40.00000 instead and saved.

Since then I have not been able to home the X axis. This is what happens every time I try to Home.
  1. Power up the Masso
  2. Enter password
  3. Press and release the Estop
  4. Home the machine
  5. Z axis homes correctly
  6. Y axis homes correctly
  7. X axis doesn't home but travels in the opposite direction for about 5 mm at about pull-off speed
  8. Alarm: 'Homing Error' appears
  9. Reboot the Masso - same result every time.

The only thing that could have occurred before this happened and after setting the calibration was that a mains fuse blew powering down the Masso - it was underrated. Could there have been a spike that flipped something in the Masso?

Help appreciated


Problem Solved. After taking a break from it for a while I have found that Input setting for the X axis had somehow erased itself. I reset this and all seems well.

By the way is there to reset alarms without rebooting?


MASSO Support
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As per the description of the issue I was also going to say to check the X homing input as this was caused due to the signal being high.

To clear the alarm simply rehome the machine and on successful homing the alarms will clear.


Good to see it is working now.

It took me 3 days to get the Z axis to work and I followed the Masso video to the T.

Z is now 0 to 150 couldn't get the minus value to work for the 150.

Still have to get a THC and Plasma then my problem solving will start again!

Good luck from Ross.


Thanks Masso and Ross, I'm loving this controller compared with the previous hobby oriented computer driven GRBL controller.