Jerky Motion on Small Adaptive Clearing Areas


Hello gang,

I have been using adaptive clearing in Fusion 360 for a while now. I am noticing that on small areas where the machine is making very small circular movements very quickly, the motors become very jerky and it seems like the Masso is having a tough time processing all the g code. Is there something that I am missing? Or is it possible that the Masso can't keep up with all the code being dumped into it. I am using a 1/8 in endmill with 50 ipm adaptive clearing and the slot is about .18 in wide.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.


MASSO Support
Staff member
As you might know that with the new USB drivers update we did mention that there was an issue due to the new USB drivers and plus rates to motor drives were affected.

We have been working to fix this and in fact in the next weeks alpha release we will be releasing this fix for this and also support for touch screens.

Can you please provide the following so that we can test your file with your machine settings:
  1. What version of the MASSO software are you running?
  2. Your gcode file that is giving issues.
  3. MASSO controller's settings file: