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A recent question about jogging the A & B axis from the keyboard has prompted a look at the current jog keys used and what improvements could be made.
The biggest hold up on the A /B jogging is that there doesn't appear to be an industry standard set of jog keys used for this like there is for the X,Y & Z axis. Simply picking 4 keys at random would cause problems further down the line as new features are added and we want to avoid this scenario.
If you or anyone knows of a set of standard keyboard keys used for jogging the A & B axis can you please let us know.
  1. One thought was to use < & > (shift key not needed) for one axis and [ & ] for the other. Using the Shift key for rapid jogging as usual. These being keys not likely to be wanted for anything in the future.
  2. Another thought was to select the required axis by pressing the A ,B, X, Y, Z keys and then use the + & - keys to do the jogging. or SHIFT + & - for rapid jogging.

After further thinking about option 2 I have added a list of possible other options that could also use the + & - keys

X Jog X axis
Y Jog Y axis
Z Jog Z axis
A Jog A axis
B Jog B axis
S Spindle speed override
F Feed rate override
T THC Feed rate override
L Laser intensity override
C Cancel (not sure if it would be needed)

Are there other current of future options that has been left off?

What are your thoughts on usability with a standard keyboard?
Would it be convenient to use?
Is there a better way?

Please note:
This is just a discussion / research at this time. The implementation of one or other option will depend on other factors so if you have an even better idea please let us know.
There could be things that we haven't thought of.

It is understood that feed rate override exceeding 100% is requested but this topic is about the keys used to jog and change override values not the actual feature itself. Some features don't currently exist like Laser and THC Feed rate override and these are thoughts for possible future features.

I would greatly appreciate any input on this.

Cheers Peter


I think that using '< & >' and '[']' would be better option for the a and b soon will we see this feature in the masso?