Jump to line in Lathe version


Hello - Lathe guys need this to prove and size tools during multi tool lathe setups.

Please consider it. I know the mill version already has it.




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we are already working on adding this option for lathes. Not sure if you have seen how this works, will add a great video made by Peter explaining this but overall this is specially designed for a mill and will not work for a lathe. For a Lathe version, the jump to line should have a keyword search feature. Once the keyword has been found in the file the entire line will be displayed, then either you can start from that line or search further. With the logic on a Lathe we will not process any gcode before the line to start from and will just start from that line. A simple search for tool change command M6 will be able to help find the right position where the program needs to start from.



Oh yes! Just being able to restart a tool within the program is all we need. Search for M6 and go.

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I'm new to all things CNC but have my Masso on a lathe working nicely and quite early in this learning I find the desire to have the "Jump to line" capability and I'm not sure the reasoning to not already have it for lathe.
What is the current status on this feature and or the conversation on this.


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