Just found Masso, seems perfict


Seth H
Hello to all.

I became interested in the whole 'Making" stuff a few years back, and started with 3D printing. Recently I have become very interested in CNC routing, and milling. I would very much like to build my own CNC router. While doing my research (also known as "being at work), I came across this web site, and this seems very much what I'm looking for.

I do almost all my 3D modeling in FreeCad, as I was turned down for a Hobbyest licence for Fusion360. I'm not sure why, but it probably has to do with the fact that I'm a hobbyist, and they are AutoDesk. I am just starting to play with CAM programs, and was looking at Mach3, or LinuxCNC for the CNC side. However this Board would seem to alleviate the decision.

This "stuff" looks awesome, and I will have questions.