Just got the touch delivered


Good day to everyone my name is chris and I just got the brand new masso touch delivered today and I figured I'd let everyone know what my first thoughts were and the things I like and don't like so with that let's get started

The masso was mailed out on the 21 of December it arrived 2 days early I wasn't expecting to see it till Monday so props for fast delivery for sure. The big white box was nicely packed and unit came in all one peace nothing broken the screen is very nice non glare 15" screen 4 machine bolts hold the screen to the back plate and is also on hinges so when bolts are removed you don't have to worry about finding a place to set the screen the Estop is not installed but the green and red push buttons are along with the USB drive. The back plate is nice quality and stiff there are 8 holes for mounting either to a machine directly or for a tv mount arm. The masso is attached with rivet type nuts and there is 8 others for mounting the masso relays I opted for only one set of relays because I wanted to put my gecko vampire drives inside to but there is no way of mounting them with the other 4 standoffs in the damn way and this is where I become frustrated the placement of these 8 stand offs is smack dab in the middle of the back plate who ever designed the placement of the masso itself and the stand offs for the 2 relay boards really need to rethink his design because in my opinion it sucks balls. The advertising said that the relays shown in the picture were for visual effects and depending with how many relays you get also it is worth mentioning that the holes on the back plate for mounting are not screw taped. It is my opinion that they should be and I think the back plate should be a slight thicker it would be nice if you could screw the tv mount directly to the plate like all flatscreen tv monitors do with having the bolt heads and the relay stand offs poking out it makes that back plate useless for mounting anything I cant fit I gecko drive anywhere without hitting something so the back plate can not be used as a heat sink as advertised. When you install the estop you will have to bend the tabs the wires attach to because otherwise you cant close the thing back up. The whole thing should be 1/4" wider to allow the wires to not come in contact with the metals backplate again poor design on whoever's part. So I've got the masso touch on an tv arm attached to my cnc jr pluse milling machine and I'm trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to mount shit the whole reason I went with the touch was so I could put my vampires inside and my 24v power supply inside and have less wires running in and out but unfortunately this is not the case...... GRRERRRR nothing worse then getting your new toy and cant play with it. I mean I can run shit to a second box but that's not why I bought this I was trying to eliminate having to run extra wires all over the machine and nearest wall.... and with that I guess I really don't have anything else at the moment but will update as I figure this shit out.... if anyone else got the touch please let me know how and where you mounted everything... thank you for taking the time to read my review have a great day


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The screen looks very nice and clean! I'm about to order my masso touch, but i realy want to know if it is possible to extend the cables between the screen and masso. Because my control cabinet is big enough to place the masso controller, and then i don't need to run all of the cables to the touch screen unit.

I think there are some flaws in the design that could have bin fixed on forehand. The total depth of the unit, bending the connection tabs of the buttons is nog a very neat solution.

And the use of a more common type of buttons like eaton or schneider. These type of modular buttons use screw connections instead of spade connections and are wired from the side, so they aren't that tall.

can you have a look for me if it would be possible to extend the cable between the screen and the masso controller?

thank you very much