Keyboard with touchpad


Has anyone used a keyboard with touchpad with their MASSO?

I just bought an El-cheapo from officeworks, and then realised that the new version supports a mouse.

Trying to use just a keyboard now doesn't work very well. Some of the screens you can not Tab to. I cant even get to the password box on the setup page.

So I need to purchase a new keyboard/mouse combo and thought a touchpad would be sweet, but I need to make sure it's a compatible option before I buy one.

Has anyone used one?


MASSO Support
Staff member
we have seen people using those, tried to find the email but sorry couldn't find it, wanted to find the model for you. But we have seen touchpads working on MASSO


El cheap keyboard combos might not work, but I remember reading where some have used the Logitech keyboard combo successfully.