KL-5080H closed loop stepper on Masso B axis


How do I wire a KL-5080h to the Masso on the B axis, the B axis being linear, not rotary. Tech support from Automation Technologies said

"You just connect with PUL- and STEP- to the driver and PUL+ and STEP + to 5V"

But only Axis X, Y, and Z have both S+ S- and D+ D-, A & B axis only have S+ and D+. No S- or D- How do I hook up this drive?


I see the G3's A&B axis have the same S&D outputs the XYZ axis have. So am I (and my client) just out of luck and if I would have waited a few months I would have received the G3 and we wouldn't be having this conversation?


MASSO Support
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Here is a drawing of how to connect the KL-5080H drive to Masso B axis.

The B axis step and direction is 5 volts so no resistors will be needed.

Please do not connect the S+ & D+ together in any axis as this it will damage the outputs on the X,Y & Z axis. You also do not need to connect them to a 5 volt supply.




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Thank you very much! This is for an out of state client and I have returned home, but I will install it again according to your schematic when I go back.