Lagunmatic VMC 3516 Conversion


I am looking at converting my Lagunmatic VMC 3516 to Masso after the Dynapath Delta 40 controller died.

The VMC uses GLENTEK GA370 Motor drivers, which appear to be analogue Servos. Will Masso support analogue servos, or would I have to update to digital motor drivers?

Will masso support the ATC carousel?

Are there customizable outputs for example turning coolant on and off, turning lubrication on, changing gearbox from high to low speed etc.

Has anyone successfully run a decent size touchscreen - say 22"



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Hi htdave

MASSO supports drives that use step and direction. If your drives are PWM or similar they will not work.

MASSO does use ATC's. Please consult the Tool changer section of the manual to see if your tool changer logic and drive is compatible. Yours looks like a carousel

There are outputs for Lube and coolant.

There is no High / low speed support.

Have a look at the FAQ page. It has information and links to various documents that will help

Hope this helps
Cheers Peter