Lathe Conversion


Hey all!

So I have some questions about my lathe conversion. I have had some answered by the material in the forum and on YouTube. These are ....

#1)Spindle control- the VFD's listed on the website, apart from one the others do not have an encoder input. So does the encoder then get connected to the masso board? An encoder like this

#2)Would a closed loop/stepper with encoder like this be compatible with the masso ?

#3)As for button features, would MDI/feed hold it pause be an option to put on separate buttons? Also, could spindle and feed override be wired to petentiometers/ control knobs?

#4)The conversational wizard looks good, however, is there a way to manually inputted g-code from scratch without using the wizard or prepped from a cam program?

Those are my main questions for now, thanks.


MASSO Support
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  1. Encoder is only required if threading on lathe and will work, please see this:
  2. Closed loop stepper are also supported:
  3. Sorry but additional buttons cant be added on screen. At this stage feed and RPM override is not supported via potentiometers.
  4. You can easily make new files or edit files:


Thanks for the solid response. I see that I have missed these things in the documentation and appreciate the direction to these answers.

The encoder is important because what's the point of having a lathe if your not going to do threads eh!

Again .... thank you.