lathe like miling with a router


Hello all,

I'm considering to add a kind of lathe "milling" on my router , exactly like shown on masso home page "Run large complex G-codes" (see picture attached)

Could it be done with the Mill/router CNC controller ?

Wich axis should be used for the lathe usual "C" axis ?

I have in mind to upgrade my controller to a 5 axis because of a slaved motor on the Y axis that a would like to be autosquared (the B axis will then be used), could the remaining A axis be used for that kind of lathe process considering more a 4th axis on a CNC/milling machine thant a real lathe ?

And in the end what about the post processor for that kind of jobs ?

thanks in advance


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Hi zoomak

The video of the rotary axis is on my machine.
3D machining is done in the Mill and not Lathe.
The traditional rotary axis is the A axis and that is what I used in this setup. Mine also uses the 5 axis version with the dual Y axis

Here is the original video
Cheers Peter