L'il of this...L'il of that


Hello all, David 'Lumpy' Clark here.....

I'm not sure what category I fit into LOL I tend to tell folks 'My hobbies have hobbies.'

I recently decided to take a crack at this whole CNC mill thing after buying a shop Fox combo mill. The mill side of things were just so restricted I came to hate it. You have to remove the lathe chuck just to get room for something 3"x3"....that's no fun at all! I've scratch built a 3hp 30" x 30" x 9" mill and have incorporated the MASSO controller. It worked from the start but I'm tweaking some of the build as I go. I had no idea the forces involved in moving a mass (gantry and spindle) quickly. It moves so freely by hand LOL.

Anyway, so far so good! I'm currently putting all the controls and stuff in an enclosure...rewiring everything as I go. There have been quite a few bumps in the road but that's the fun of it!


MASSO Support
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Thank you David for sharing your experience and we look forward to some videos of your machine in action!