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At first I love my masso CNC controller.

Tool Change runs great, and I have 11 Slots and all runs great, but I have one issue and don't know how to fix it.

If i make a T1 M6 for example the ATC changes the tool all great and all the same with all 11 Slots, but if I want to to load for example T12 M6 (this tool has no slot in the toolchanger because it dosn't fit like my 60mm surface milling bit) i want to make a manuel toll change like I can do it with tha manuell tool change (

The controller makes an error and tell me there is not slot for this tool.

How can I make a manuell tool load during milling?

An example
T1 M6 (there is a slot the tool is loaded and all work)
T12 M6 (this tool has no slot, but the controller does not make a manuel Tool load) ---> How can I load this tool?
T3 M6 (there is a slot, the tool is loaded and would work)

Thanks I hope somebody can help me, I searched the forum, but I didn't found an answer.

Best wishes Daniel from Germany


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Hi Daniel,

If I understand you correctly the problem is not that you are using 12 tools on a particular job but rather that the tool in question Tool 12 cannot be physically put into the tool changer because of it's physical characteristics.
As you noted MASSO will give an alarm if a tool does not have an allocated slot to either drop off or pickup a tool from.
At this time there is no manual load option and while you could run that toolpath as a separate file, this is a good question which I would like to investigate further.

Could you give a bit more information on the tool changer setup you are using? Maybe a photo of the changer and the tool that is giving the problem.
Just so that we get a better understanding of the setup.

Cheers Peter


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Hi Daniel

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You can contact me by sending an email to support using the email address at the top of this page.
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Regards Peter