Linear Tool Changer 1


I am in the process of setting up my Linear toolchanger.

I noticed, there's only one input for the drawbar status, I have two sensors on my spindle, so I would need on to verify it is clamped, and one to verify that it is unclamped. Can this be done?

The airblast needs to be on, when the tool is released and until the new tool is clamped.

Thank you for a good quality product though. Been a breeze to setup so far. :) And everything just works perfectly, well, besides the two sensor inputs. :)


How did you go with this? I'm mid build with sensors for clamped and unclamped like yours. I'm getting close to starting the control box, so would be good to know how this works.



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Do you have any update on this?

I am in almost done with my Mach3 to Masso conversion, I have a HSD ES 929A spindle that have the same 2 sensor.
One for drawbar status and another for tool holder seat verification.

I had a tool holder flew off the spindle once when an operator did not insert it correctly. Drawbar status shows ok, but the verification(Cone blocked(S4)) sensor did not.

Is there a way to have it input to Masso?

If it's not possible, I plan to use the S4 terminal to interlock the spindle drive enable circuit. But that's just a lot of unnecessary wiring


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Hi virtuehw

There is no input for the tool seat verification.
Your thought of hard wiring the interlock into the spindle is the best way of doing it.

Thinking outside the box you could have a look at combining the Chuck Clamp sensor and the tool set verification sensor with an OR gate so that if one or the other sensor is High then the chuck clamp input to MASSO will remain high and the tool change will halt.
This requires that the output of the spindle sensors output voltage when they are triggered for this particular circuit to work but there are 3 other Diode Resistor logic configurations in the set so one might work for your setup.
To be clear I haven't tried this and it is just a thought but it may give you some ideas.

Cheers Peter