Liner Tool changer to work across the Y axis as well as the X axis


Liner Tool changer to work across the Y axis as well as the X axis
At the moment the liner tool changer is only setup to work in the X axis and the machine that I am currently working on upgrading is an old Pro Cam machine with a 14 tool, tool changer across the Y axis so I m needing the logic setup for this to happen in the Y.
The process is as follows,
Dust hood up
Tool rack up
Return previous tool to rack
Chuck clamp off relace tool
Move to new tool
Chuck clamp on
Remove tool from rack
Tool rack down
Dust hood down
Return to job.
I have attached a video of the machine doing a tool change before it was decommissioned I hope this is helpful.


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Hello, has anyone been able to get there tool changer working as described above. We were Hoping we would have some sort of an answer so we can continue on with this project


Hi all, we have managed to get the tool changer working after some help. Some times when the tool changer goes through the cycle, the software locks up and no errors are given but I believe there will be an update to fix this. The problem we are finding is that if the tool changer stops mid cycle the screen freezes and we need to shut the Masso down and reboot it. We need if possible an input to cancel the cycle like an M5 to stop the cycle, not pause like the feed stop or cycle stop. So is it possible to make an input like a complete stop so when we push a button it will stop the function or program that it is in altogether


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is this the feedback from v3.36 as it has timeouts added to the logic.

Also when you say "tool changer stops mid cycle" when and how does this happen.