mach 3 vs masso


inventure guy
Been essentially an inventer and engineer and machinist and licensed pilot and farmer and writer...

OK that's why my username is inventure guy as that is what almost everyone calls me anyway

I have a very large CNC router I built from Ebay stuff and the best servo's going bar none and that's the Clear Path's

Mach 3 worked and is still working until I redo with the new Centroid unit

What got me on Masso was as a long time Pratt and Whitney Aircraft trained machinist who still remembers the tape machines I was not a big fan of doing a CNC lathe

Until I saw the Masso with converstational inputs

Now a new lathe is on its way and I'll do a conversion using the Masso and Clear Path servos

It's a grizzly lathe that I will first disassemble and do a complete tolerance refit as needed and new C5 collet attachment

Mainly for shaft turning and threading in limited serial production as well as the occasional one off stock turn and face and tread.

I'll give this Masso a real 'US Navy Smoke Test' as I call all my aggressive attempts to make something screw up if it is going to

I'll let you know how things work out and if it earns a gold star I'll be the first to sing the praises

BTW as an engineer/proto designer I love the form factor of the Masso and the din mount is great idea


MASSO Support
Staff member
Thank you inventure guy for the great intro.

We also hope to learn from your feedback and help you in you conversion.