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I have is very weird issue with the machine. once i machine the home it works everything fine.

when i load my work material, reference of the work coordinates i click X0 Y0 and Z0 it work. I make the machine to go to work offset, machine works all good. Then i go to tool table and work offset click on the g54 and auto load the coordinates onto the table for x y and z axis. then when i click on the go to work coordinates to seems to loose the position every single time i tried 5 different ttimes. also it looses the z height too

is that issue you guys come across ?


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It will help if you provide more details about your machine - G2 or G3, where is the MCS positioned on the table, is homing same location?

As a side this topic should have been in the Q & A forum, more people would look at it then to give an answer.




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When you set the cutter onto your machine and zero the X,Y & Z axis you create a temporary work offset which is added to your G54 position.

When you save the work offset you change the G54 so now when you goto zero the axis will be out by the amount of the temporary work offset. Note that the X & Y that were zero before will change when you save the G54.

To fix this after saving your G54 offset is go into MDI and type G92.1 which will remove the temporary work offset.

When you do a goto zero and it will now move to the correct spot.

Cheers Peter


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Quote from on March 24, 2020, 11:56 am

Does that work for z axis as well ?

i have issue with probing too, it doesnt register the height, could it be the same issue?

i will try to test and let you know thank you

This is true of all axis if you change the work offsets but it only affects the offsets that you save so if you save X & Y but not Z then it will not affect Z.

I remember your previous post about the probing. Can you post a detailed explanation of how you are using the probing because you are the only person that I am aware of having an issue with this. Maybe a video of using the probing feature or some screen prints would help diagnose your issue.

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Im using Clearpath motors with may machine.

When I have a power cycle the machine coordinates change.

How can this be prevented ?


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Hi Toger,

When you start MASSO it has no idea what the location of the various axis are so it sets the working coordinates to the center of the table.
There is no way to stop this.

Cheers Peter