Macros / User Canned Cycles


How about a simple scripting language in which you can define the function of an M Code (possibly override an existing one).

At it's simplest, this could just be G-Code executed with a single M code call - but ideally it would have conditional execution and access to some of the controller properties like 'Running', physical input & output states.

Some things like threading have to be done at a low level to execute fast enough but there are plenty of things (novel tool-changers comes to mind) that can be executed in a less time critical, asynchronous way.

Although you have been pretty good, adding canned cycles for things like drilling - would it not be better to allow us to write some of our own? It takes some of the pressure off you guys if nothing else.

While it will take some development effort to implement - it will save more in the long run and make your controller universal!