manual tool changer


shine on
I have a dust shoe on my spindle. I need to remove the dust shoe to change the tool. I can not touch off the new tool with the dust shoe attached. After the tool touches off, I need the spindle to return to the tool change position so I can re-attach the dust shoe. Right now after touching off the program continues to the next operation.

Can I do this?


MASSO Support
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Hi shine on
?The Autotool Zero feature has no option to stop after the tool probes to wait for a dust shoe to be replaced before commencing the machining.

I would suggest you modify your post processor to add an M01 on the line after the M06 command and before your spindle start instruction.

The cutter will move back to the position where it was before the tool change was requested but it will stop and wait for you to press the cycle start before commencing allowing you to replace the shoe.

Because this is the optional stop instruction you can turn it off if you are not using your dustshoe without modifying the Gcode.

Hope this helps