Hello all, I emailed Masso info about a cnc machine I am building I shall include my email and the Masso Response, I find it a little bad they refered me to here when other companies are very happy to answer emails

I do think their reply to me was at best stretching

Hi Dewayne.young,

Thanks for your email and details about your machine. Yes you can do all those things with MASSO, will you be able to share some photos of your machine so that we can visualise it better.


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MASSO Support

On Thu, 26 Apr at 3:42 AM
Message: Hello I am building a Large CNC Router Table currently I am using Mach 3 and also trying out LinuxCNC needless to say I am less than happy with both Mach and LinuxCNC . Here is a brief outline of my new machine

2M Wide 3.5M Long Table Rack and Pinion Drive
2Motors on the table running 3.5M Direction (Y)

Table has 2 Gantrys Both Rack and Pinion and 1 motor on each (X)
Note only 1 Gantry will run at a time
1 Gantry has BC Head so I can run full 5-Axis Continious or 4 axis indexed or Continious

Additional parts
150W COS Laser
15W Blue Laser
3D Printer head (Pellet feed lays down 10x20mm layers )
BT30 Spindles with ATC
4-Axis HotWire Foam Cutting

I also have the ability to LOCK the Gantry and add a moving table upto 20 Meters

This is a monster Table with no limit to its ability. The machine has been designed solely for the purpose to CNC CUT, Laser CUT/Mark, and 3DPrint a 23 Meter Catamaran, which is 100% Solar powered. packing a whopping 200KW of lithium Battery powerwalls.


can your controller do the job for me, and also handle parallel axis.

Router Milling 4-axis Foam Laser 3DPrinting

Rgds DeWayne Young


Followup Post

Having took the time to read all the posts Sorry to say I feel Masso is a great idea but to young as a product . I would love to be wrong here as I would do anything to Dump LinuxCNC

Some Points

Slave axis NOT ABLE parallel drivers and slave axis is not the same

3DPrinter Support

5-Axis Post Processor Programming Docs

on the 4,5 axis not being able to select AB BC or AC ( KILLER )

Just a few points against their repl to me


Well Masso Where is my Coffee? LOL

Seriously Guys Great Idea Now Masso you got a Great Idea but lets push the Product out as a Commercial Product or a Hobby Product CAN NOT BE BOTH


Quote from dewayne on May 26, 2018, 10:38 pm

Followup Post

I feel Masso is a great idea but to young as a product

Masso is still a relatively new company but everyday they work hard to improve every aspect of their product. Try to name any other company who has a controller product that doesn't use a computer as a crutch, can't do it can you? The best way to see the particular feature(s) that you want added to Masso is to support Masso. Being a small company they cannot do every thing that everybody wants over night, but their commitment to designing and building a great product is unfaltering, and they work very hard at everything they do. Most of your issues with Masso seem to be software based, and those will get addressed in time. Their software has come a long way from the first iteration. A little patience and understanding on your part would probably go a long way. Just my 2 cents :)


MASSO Support
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Hi DeWayne and thank you X - CNC for your understanding.

We have been trying our best to listen to everyone and adding features which takes a lot of resources but we are consistently doing that. Further we also try to support everyone in their machine installations and actually about 80% of our support resources go into support 3rd part products such as motor drives and VFD's. To be honest our first priority is to support our products and the drive manufacturers should support their products but we end up still supporting other products because we have had personally seen how unresponsive those companies can be. Plus the time spent on supporting these system takes resources and we dont even charge for it.

We have discussed about paid support for 3rd part products but honestly no one wants to pay but still want us to help with setting up their drives, so we are trying our best with what resources we have.

Thanks for your understanding.