Masso doesn't remember coordinates after breakdown


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@sourabh so I guess your question is that once the power is lost the controller does not know the position of the axis?

As there is no location info saved, you will need to re-home the machines. On high-end servo motors, they have batteries in the servo drive that remembers the position even after power failure.

If power failure is an issue then you can do the below:
  1. Home the machine on power-up.
  2. When starting a job make sure to use the work offsets from F4 screen as they are saved in memory even after power down, do not use the ZERO buttons in F2 screen or G92 as they are temporary work offsets.
  3. Start running your job.
  4. If you lose power, re-home the machine once power is back.
  5. load the same gcode file from F6 screen.
  6. Goto F2 screen and click the Jump to Line button towards the bottom right of the screen.
  7. In the new window, you will see that MASSO remembers the last line number of the gcode file which was running when the power failed.
  8. Let's say it shows line number 8400, its always a good idea to move a few lines back, lets say 8100, click Start from line button.
  9. MASSO will blink the position cursor where the job will start from, if all looks good then click the Run button.

Here is a great video from Peter explaining the process: