Masso G3 - jump to line converts inches to mm


Hi I just finished setting up the Masso G3. Was about to start milling a partly finished project and tried jump to line and all numbers are in mm's instead of inches?

I am running 4.01 software and setup in inches.


Staff member
Hi rob2beans

Not sure what you are seeing but happy to take a look.
Can you upload:
  • A Screen print of the Jump to line showing the issue?
  • A copy of your printable settings file?
  • The Gcode file you are using.

Cheers Peter


thanks for getting back.

I tried the jump to line the next day and the output was in inches, not sure what happened the first time, but it has not happened again.

The only other issue is the link 2.o software, the UI is not displaying correctly. Tried many different resolution and scaling numbers but it still displays incorrectly. I saw on the forum that others had or have the same problem, I did try their fixes but to no avail.

other than that I am liking the hardware!