masso in a morbidelli a600k


im new to masso, the card is in the Mail as im typing, cant wait to install it,

Im Travis, from a small town in alberta Canada, i originally purchased a small cnc ( Maxym 2460 powerarm ) a few years ago for 2500 and had to rebuild it completly as the original controller was designed only to cut out windows and such. after one hell of a learning curve, with no prior cnc knowledge . i prevaled and had a nice little 3 axis with uccnc and the UC300ETH-5LPT. i love this setup for the ease of use... but i want more.

so after scouring the internet for years i finally found a large cnc and in the right price range. ( A trade ) my small cnc for the new one, straight across, they even deliverd it !!

this was a great deal for me, as the owner of the morbidelli had lost the computer for it and was quoted alot to fix it, but he really wanted a smaller unit for cabinet doors ( irony ) so i offerd mine as is, and i would rebuild the new one completly. the deal was made, it was deliverd and im in the middle of a complete morbidelli rebuild. and with all the knowledge i have gained in the past few years i knew what i needed in a controller, the masso seems like a great fit. so i bit the bullet and bought one.

it should be shipped by the time i have all the sensors and air solinods wired in, servo drives installed, with all acompanying miles of wiring, banks of breakers, strips of relays, and whatevers... there is alot, its a bit mind boggling , but working on one piece of the puzzle at a time makes it managable knowing they all fit together in time.

so with a bit of my history made public, i hope i can learn from everyone here and maybe i can teach someone a thing or 2 also.

glad to be here.


Here is a few photos of the project. I had it completly stripped, rebuilding everything, yesturday and today my job was to concentrate on the wiring and air solinoid control switches on the top of the machine for the z axis stuff ,venting ,limit switches .. Today the air and wiring on the bottom side, all things dealing with the suction table. Basically getting rid of the fiber optic buss controller and installing a few push buttons on the front of the machine that will do the same since im there anyways placing the lumber... the Big plan is to convert it from 3phase 480vac to 3phase 240. Its the only solution i have and already have single phase 220vac in the shop. Next to build a rotary phase converter and all should be good to go..

So for now i have everything on the top end able to be controlled thru 2 cables and 24vdc.


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got the cabinet stripped and rewired for 240vac 3ph.


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Welcome, That is quite a project. looking forward to seeing more of it as it comes together.

Regards, Steve


the project is still full forward, and i got to cutting some jobs a few days ago , but had a little setback . so had to go another rout.

i wish things had worked out for the Masso, but Sadly it did not meet the needs of this particular machine.. and was returned. i have to say the service and support here for me was excellent. and if they ever update and upgrade , i hope its everything im looking for in a card that will run a monster of a cnc machine !!

sadly i have to pass on the masso for now. there will always be another day and another masso :)