masso link 1.3 connection lost


Some reason my Masso link will lose it Wi-Fi connection. When I send a large file over to my Masso the file will stop loading and I have a connection lost message on my Masso link. The only way I can get it to reconnect is to shut off the Masso and reboot.

Can you help please?



MASSO Support
Staff member
Hi Rick

How big is the file that you are trying to send to Masso?

What version software are you running on your Masso and can you let us know your Masso serial number please?

Is Masso loosing connection to the network or is the connection still there but Masso link will not connect?

I you loose connection on Masso to the network does the connect button work to reestablish the connection to the network?

If it reconnects has your IP address changed if you are using DHCP?

Are you perhaps using the My Masso feature?




Hi Peter,

the file was very large.

I realized that Masso link loss the IP address for some strange reason so I reloaded the IP address and it connected.