MASSO New Software Release - Easy Interface with Mouse Navigation


We are very excited today to show you the new interface for the MASSO. As you guys know, we ve been taking so much feedback and been working on this for months and months, and at last we have the first pre-release - the ALPHA RELEASE, ready.

Want to take a peak at what s new in this software release?


Let's start off by having a look at the screen. The screen layouts look very similar but the biggest difference right now is that, we can use a mouse.

In the future we will also be supporting touch with new software releases.

Go to the Load File menu. On the USB drive, you can now see the files and the folders. In the earlier versions, we could only load and run files on the root folder on the USB drive. With this version, just like a PC you can:


*Open folders.

*Go into sub-folders.

*Open files.

*Double-click on the file to have the preview come up on the screen.​

Let s quickly jump onto the jog screen. As you can see the jog screen is very different, it s now more interactive and everything is on the screen.
The whole idea of this interface is that we are getting ready for the touch interface in the future. We re trying to have the buttons with the right size so they can be clicked by hand.


You can see on the interface that there are different modes Step Mode and Continuous Mode. Right now you are in the Step Mode. There s a little LED on the button that indicates which mode you are in. In this mode, when you press the button, even if you hold it, it s going to work in steps. You can change the step size from here. The little LEDs on the screen will tell you which resolution or step you are in.


You can then switch to Continuous Mode. In this mode, the LED will be flashing. That s basically telling you that you re in continuous mode. If you try to move the machine now, it will keep on moving until you re holding that button. That flashing LED is an alarm to let you know that be careful when you re trying to do a touch off to a job.

You can easily change the feed rate in this screen. This will be the feed rate for jogging. When you re jogging your machine, you can change your feed rate all the way from 10% to 100%. With this release you have the option to control your A and B axis.


  1. Just jog the axis to the location where you want to zero
  2. Go to the axis and hit zero buttons on the X, Y or Z coordinates on the screen, and that s it! You re ready to go start machining.
  3. Simply go to the program screen and start machining cycle.

There you are! Your program is ready and running.
So what else can you do on this screen?

  • You can use feed hold from here.​
  • You can restart your program from here.​
  • You can issue MDI commands from here.​

In this release, we have tried to put all the options on the screen so for the user when they re using the machine, it s very easy to find the options and use them.

Again we'd like to thank everyone for the past few months for helping us, giving us feedback, and coming up with new ideas on how to make the MASSO better. We are so pleased to be releasing this as an alpha release. To those who are interested in getting this, please email us.

We would like to get your feedback and comments on the features or any bugs that you find and very soon we will be doing a full release of this version. Thank you everyone for your support. It s been a great and exciting journey.


I have found that trying to load updates that you can not use a usb hub, usb with update must go directly to controller, once installed then usb hub can be connected and used.


MASSO Support
Staff member
Yes all updates needs to be done by connecting the pen drive directly to the pen drive port on the MASSO and without a USB hub as the update loader program still runs on old USB drivers.


The software for this release, MASSO Mill 4-Axis Update v3.28.22a (Tester Release), that you sent me will not run.

The controller shows the progress bar with no errors. When rebooted the screen is blank. Perhaps you could send me another copy. Is the test version a complete version?

Also, is it possible for Masso to apply a version number to the file name, with only a few versions I am already having a problem keeping organized.

A searchable dictionary of terms, abbreviations and other jargon that you use in this web site would be greatly appreciated by me an probably other users.

Keep up the good work



MASSO Support
Staff member
  1. We had only a few clients reporting the same issue. As its only happening to a couple of people and we are unable to replicate the issue on the test boards that we have, its at this stage hard to find the issue. We have done some changes and it might solve the issue, I have attached v3.28.23a software for your controller, please see if this works and kindly let us know how you go. Please note that I just grabbed a copy of the software so you can check if it loads up properly and please do not use this to run anything on the machine as this is not a tested copy and just to be used to check if it loads properly on your controller.
  2. For the version number, sadly it cant be done as then MASSO cant find the update file, the best would be to make a folder in your emails and just drop all update emails there as the email subject has the version number mentioned.


MASSO Support
Staff member
One client just gave some feedback regarding the MPG causing this issue, we will be doing some tests later today but do you have a MPG connected to the MASSO?


MASSO Support
Staff member
We found an issue that with one of the MPG inputs inverted as high was causing the issue, please try the attached software for your controller and let us know if this resolved the issue at your end.


Latest HTG file loads and starts normally. Also please note that in my previous response I was mistaken and did have the MPG connected.


MASSO Support
Staff member
Thanks TheChopperKing, basically the bug that we found didn't had anything to do with the MPG connected or not connected, it was more that the settings in F1-Setup screen would stop the unit from starting up normally.

Now its all fixed and having MPG connected or not connected to MASSO on power up wont make any difference and the system will startup normally.


MASSO Support
Staff member
All good, the MPG model does not make any difference, the bug was in the software. Having or not having the MPG connected to the MASSO will not have any issues as the software bug has been fixed.


MASSO Support
Staff member
  • Yes .23a has a lot of new features and fixes including a totally new MPG logic with smooth adaptive motion.
  • If you have already requested to be in the alpha release then you will automatically receive the updates, we hope to send this update by Monday.
  • Whats your controllers serial number so that we can double check that you are in the alpha release list.


5A-2280, i'm currently running v3.28.22a

I have been making a list on the 3.28.22a version, her is my testings results so far. Some i feel require software corrections, some you may feel are just feature requests.

Issues I have found, SN 5A-2280, I'm currently running v3.28.22a on a Heavy router, 2.2KW spindle.
  • F1 menu;
    • Admin password enter box is not auto selected to enter the required password after hitting F1 or the like
    • If you click off this box after it appears without entering password, it disappears requiring a system reboot to bring it back
    • Once you click on the save/load child menu, it remains and only system reboot will remove it.

  • XYZ hard limits only work on first contact (or bounce). Once the hard limit alarm is triggered, no limits function (X,Y or Z), and you can drive through any of them. homing bed does clear this bug, but again, will only function until the first hard limit hit on any axis.
  • JOG menu
    • If you mouse click a jog, and then while holding the click, move off the button then release; the jog remains active and will not stop until you click back on the original job box (a bit dangerous if you think it will stop and it does not.)
    • With the continuous jog option selected, continuous jog only works with the mouse, not keyboard. Would be not so bad if the PS2 controller worked. This would also be not so bad but for the mouse jog click issue above

  • There is no means to delay the start of the first cut after the spindle start command is sent. If you have a slow start spindle, and the first plunge is very close to where the tool starts, it can start plunging before the spindle has time to start.
  • F5 menu;
    • When saving using the save wizard via mouse click, while saving it flashes up invalid filename but saves correctly and continues.

  • The running program glitches (momentary pauses the stepper pulse chain output) causing the cutter to jerk around, while scrolling any menu based scroll box.
  • When you activate the MDI command window, it can t be removed without system reboot
  • There seems to be no program run speed override, to slow things down if it gets a bit too quick
  • MASSO does not recognise the tool change command in the syntax M06T01 (or m06, M6, m6 followed by any tool number). Only the syntax were the Tool is indicated first (for example T06M06 instead of M06T06), and then the M06 command. Some PP software put the M6 first, others the T selection first. MASSO would have wider compatibility if it supported both syntax statements.
  • There is many visual issues with the preview on the program graphics, but this has been documented and I will wait for the new version to comment.


MASSO Support
Staff member
  1. For the next release, we are actually working on the pulse jerk issue and once this is resolved then we will be doing the next release.
  2. For the admin password, basically if you click outside the window then its take as that you are not logged in as an admin and can only see the information in F1 screen but cant edit it. If you would like to enter the password for admin then press CTRL+L and the login window will be displayed.
  3. XYZ hard limits only working on the first contact has been fixed in the new version.
  4. Mouse jog with cursor moving out issue has also been resolved in the new version.
  5. For continuous jog with keyboard, please hold the shift key.
  6. We have also added spindle start and stop delay in the new version and now you can set this value in F1 screen.
  7. Can you please provide more info on MDI window issue as we dont have any issue reported on this.
  8. Feed and spindle RPM overrides are both available, in F2 screen you can use F11 and F12 buttons to change the mode and then use the - or + keys to change value, you can also use MPG handwheel to change the vaues.
  9. Tool change command T first and M6 later is the right way of loading tools and that is why we are using this. Having M6 first is a totally different command.