Masso PC Emulator


Hey Boys and girls

The big advantage of Masso being standalone is also a negative for the some of us who don't live close to their machine.
I have been trying to secure a KVM over IP solution so I could remotely configure and test things but without spending too much- it isnt really an option at this point (unless someone can point me in the right direction)

So @masso-support ...

Is it possible to make a basic emulator to run Masso-OS on a windows PC?
How much framework would need to be made? This would allow support to resolve configuration issues on any PC, anywhere without the need to use a masso controller connected to a machine.



Quote from eti on December 31, 2018, 8:19 am


buy another masso for testing


setup a PC at the machine with splashtop

I think am emulator would be a waste of time, tons of other features that are more important

Spend over $700 or use remote desktop why? a PC can't control the Masso. Not options worth looking at.

Hence the emulator.

Emulators aren't that hard to make if you are the one who wrote the OS in the first place.