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I have retro fitted a Eumach Mill with new servo drives and the G3 controller and i am having issues with accuracy.

The problem is when the machine is jogged foward with the step buttons and the reversed its losing position. DRO reads correct

I think there is a software issue with the pulsing on change of direction , this sounds like backlash but i have disconnected the motor and watched the motor shalf when jogging back and forward.

if i use the step 0.10 and move forward it moves the requested distance but when you then go backwards 0.10 it moves less then half that and was a really weak move like its acceleration is really slow all sudden. but keep moving again in the same direction 0.10 and it normal again and you can keeping moving again and again in the same direction no issues until you change direction and on the first pulse of the new direction it does again as described above then back to normal no issues.

to prove i wasn't seeing things i wired a mach 4 controller to the same servo motor and did the same commands and there was no problem! so its in the masso controller.

anyone got any thoughts?
regards Sean


MASSO Support
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Hi Sean,

Can you please confirm what software and version you are running on your Masso

Do you have a value set on the axis in question for Backlash?

Can you share a screen print of the Axis settings that you are using for testing please. If it is more than 1 axis doing the same I only require 1 of them so I can replicate the issue.




Hi Peter,

I have attached a screen capture.

I'm running v3.46.1

I don't have any backlash values and all axis have this same issue



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Hi Sean,

I tested the X, Y & Z axis using your settings and measured the distance moved with a dial indicator to make sure I was getting full movement in each direction.

Everything is working correctly with the correct distance moved both forward and backwards. I'm using steppers on my setup but the pulse and direction signals are exactly the same.

I know you said you had it working on Mach4 but are you using the exact same settings to move the motors. Do they need to be tuning for your Masso configuration?

What servo drives are you using on your setup?

Cheers Peter