Masso support CANopen protocol( DS301 or DSP402)?


Good day. We have an old VMC here that was purchased as a turn and burn mill to provide hands on teaching for some employees without the risk of destroying a good machine. The machine was apparently built by New Britain Tool Co, and has a proprietary controller, labled "SC-M4000". The controller works somewhat, but we are locked out of settings control and programming and have no way to get it unlocked as the manufacture went out of business a long time ago.

We are looking for a relatively cheap solution to adding a different controller and the Masso popped up on the radar. I am curious as to whether the Masso supports a CAN interface with the servo drives? The machine currently has three Advanced Motion Controls Series 200 servo drives with CAN interface.

The data sheet for the drivers is here

Is there anyone that can take a peak at that and let me know what you think? The Masso is very cheap cost wise compared to other solutions, but if it cannot drive these it won't do us much good.

thanks folks!!



masso does not support any protocols at the moment and probably not for a long time.

however you don't need to use the CAN bus to control the drives, you can set step and direction on the aux inputs and use them like a stepper controller


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hello @rennfab, as @eti mentioned that we don't support CAN and don't have any plans on supporting it, the best way is to use the drives in STEP and DIR mode if the drives support it.