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I've been a control engineer for 40 years and just retiring now. So I've done a lot with controller systems, and have studied CNC and worked a bit with them, although most of my motion control has been linear (done a lot with PLC's and all automation systems). So now, in retirement, I want to create stained glass art. I did a bit of this manually in a community ed class a while back. I love the result. The cutting seemed to be 80% of the labor. Since I have CAD skills, and motion skills, it makes sense to build a CNC glass cutter. And thats where I am. I now have an X,Y,Z table on order, and the Masso controller. I've downloaded a free (hobby version) of Fusion 360 which I am learning now. I could draw in ACAD and import to Fusion, or just draw it all in Fusion. But I do need the CAM portion of Fusion to create the G-Code to import to the Masso. And I need to learn the Masso as well, and G-Code. So I have much learning ahead, and this forum I hope is helpful. I will try to help others as I can as well. Thank You.


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CamMan, Ross,

AutoDesk have also added Tangential Knife to the Fusion post processor for MASSO.




I was wondering how you would cut glass with a CNC machine - commercial machines use scoring techniques (hence the "tangential knife" references).

Found someone on YouTube using a diamond burr (lots of cooling and slow feed rate) - clamping the glass presents a few challenges to prevent it cracking.

Retired control engineer? I am sure you can tell some war stories about old pneumatic control systems (the early 80s was a transition period between pneumatic, single loop controllers and DCS).