MeshCAM Question


Here s what MeshCAM has to say.

The post processor in MeshCAM is configurable enough that it can support nearly any machine that accepts gcode of some type. I usually recommend that new users try the Mach3 post processor to see if it works as-is. The Mach3 post is fairly generic and frequently works without changes.

If the output from the Mach3 post gives you any errors then please forward them to me and I can try to create a new post that eliminates them.

Rob Grzesek




I've used MeshCAM in the past when I had a Mach3 Mill setup. I have not tried with my Masso Mill but I agree that the generic Mach3 post will most likely work. I suggest reviewing the list of supported G-Codes in the Masso Documentation and comparing them to your code. Masso supports all the primary G&M code commands that Mach3 does so its very likely it will work fine.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


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Hi @kencnc411

If it helps Mach3 Post processors form the basis from which the Masso Vectric Post Processors were created.

It was just a matter of removing the unsupported Gcode and formatting the remainder. Mostly for readability but where it output large setup strings I separated these onto individual lines.

I don't know anything about Meshcam but if you download a Masso Vectric Post Processor from the documentation and look at it in a text reader it will give you some idea. They are easy to read.