Mirrored image... XY orientation


Ok so I got my first design out yesterday and it looks amazing but it's... Mirror flipped so everything is backwards. Myself and @ipnb were talking and I noted my machines HOME position is back to the right, not left like many others.

This morning I checked and when I jogged the machine +X and it went down the table like normal but in the Masso image it was going away from the image... I then inverted my X axis and it cut out fine... So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have my machine max and min in reverse or what? I can't keep it inverted as right now it wants to home the wrong way.

The second image is when I inverted the X


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See the machines set up.. Y+ travels away from home as does X+. Home is to the back right. See PDF...

I'm away from the machine so I can't upload a machine config, though previous versions I had uploaded would be the same orientation.


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