Misplaced voltage


Hi All,

Over the past few days I have been trying to install Masso in a plasma cnc I was unable to overcome a problem where masso would become unresponsive every time the plasma torch would shut off.

In my desperation i was trying to set the inputs to high and invert the signal in order to alleviate them from any interference they were receiving.

This is where it when from bad to worse I managed to put +12VDC to the Rt and Rx inputs on the serial connector and since then the unit has stopped responding all together, no led's nothing. It still has 12v on the power input.

How bad is it? Is there something I can replace or have I fried the whole unit?

Thank in advance


MASSO Support
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That does not look good because the serial signals are not supposed to go above 5v, as these data lines are connected directly to the main chip the 12 volts would have burnt the main chip.

So you don't even see the LEDs on the MASSO coming on?


No, even using a different psu there's no response with the leds, vga output or any of the output pins.