Mpg not moving the axis the correct distance


When I move any axis the readout shows correct movement for 3 clicks then it looses .0001 on the readout. It does not matter what axis I am moving. Can I adjust this out in the set-up page under each axis? I am using Clearpath CPM-SDSK-3441P-RLN motors. If I get too high with the pulses per revolution then the movement with the mpg doubles. Any on else using Clearpath motors?



My MPG only moves .0005 inches per click and it very stable but I am not using servos. I know that the MPG is not directly adjustable that way since they use preset the increments directly in the firmware. I suggest you send an email to @masso-support to see if they can help you with the servo settings or simply wait for a response here from someone who has successfully adjusted the servos properly.

Cheers, Stephen Brown