My first Masso build


Model and Toolmaking
I am starting my first CNC build using a Masso control. I have retrofitted a few machines in the past. Mostly using Mach3 software. Issues with old computers and USB to parallel port converters left me looking at other options. I tried Kmotion on a servo system. I did not care for the user interface and tuning servos is a pain (at least for me, self taught). My favorite way is AC drivers and steppers that are as big as I can fit on the machine. I never had a problem with steppers being to big as long as the limit switches are working.

I have a machine shop with 4 CNC mills. From a tiny Maxnc that I use for EDM electrodes to a 30 x 20 x 20 Bed mill. I mostly do small tool work; I use a lot of 3/64 end mills.

The Masso looks to be an easy way to go.


MASSO Support
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Thanks for sharing your experience and you are right, steppers are great specially if setup and used properly, we have clients running production jobs with steppers without any issues.