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Hi all I'm a Queenslander Aus.

New to Masso but not to cnc, built and sold a few machines using Deskcnc and stepper motors after selling the business which most of the machines were used I had to have another one like losing a hand having lost a machine.

Anyway had the idea of acquiring an out of date machine and retro fitting it with Deskcnc and found a Morbidell Author huge thing 3.6m x 1.4 m bed has 3 phase Yaskawa servo drives Sgdb-10vd went well up until recently and the controller went awall with no and little support from Deskcnc who still live in the dark ages.

A friend told me about Masso the thing that I liked the most is clear and concise support documentation, and videos. As well as nooo! computer etc it's sooooo easy!
  • The thing I need help with is the drives aren't responding to Masso as they did with Deskcnc. Ground serial port and step / direction I see in the documentation on another servo drive the step- and dir- have a line with s what does that mean? Has anyone done a retrofit with the Yaskawa drives? Appreciate any input.
  • Paul K


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Looked at Yaskawa pdf and from their position control diagram, you need to connect as follows
  • MASSO -> Yaskawa
  • 1 Step+ 8 Pulse
  • 2 Step - 7 /Pulse
  • 3 Dir+ 12 Sign
  • 4 Dir- 11 /Sign

Regards to MASSO documentation drawings, the solid line indicates positive signal and the dashed line indicates negative or mirrored signal.

MASSO uses differential outputs for the axes.




Did you make it work? I have the same Yaskawa servo drives Sgdb-10vd in my Morbidelli. Have considered getting Masso for it