On second thought I guess this is a feature request.

I am going from plasma to router setups and noticed that the G30 parking position does not update but remains the same between plasma and router.

to go between setups of router and plasma I have been doing the following.

Reboot, F1, plasma thumb drive installed, choose "plasma 4.02" load, then load settings in F1 page and reboot. I do this sequence for either setup.

there are 4 things I think should be addressed, two for safety reasons. 1-2
  1. A G30 that is fixed and doesn't update between OS builds is not a good plan. In my case it is imperative that the parking positions are different and specific for the machine being run, otherwise the machine would crash with the wrong parking position.
  2. The G30 command rapids simultaneously from the current XYZ position. This is dangerous in that once a tool pulls out to its clearance Z, it could be wiped out and or destroy a feature on the work piece between here and the parked position. It should, in my opinion, move exclusively up to absolute machine z 0.0 first, then a coordinated XY to the parked position.
  3. A choice other G 0 rapid would be favorable.
  4. The parking position is not listed in the printable file generated.
  5. Separate G54-5x home positions for the different OS builds would also be a nice feature since the G30 is on that screen. Also in the printable file.

I'm sure not many people switch between plasma and router as I do but #2 really needs addressing.




So just to verify again, my MASSO 4.02 does not behave as advertised. The literature says it rapids Z completely up to machine 0.o first but this is not how G30 functions. It rapids from wherever the tool is at by moving simultaneously in XY & Z.

According to:
  • G30 - This first rapids the Z axis to its specified parking position and then the remaining axis will simultaneously move to their parking positions.
  • The Park position is defined in the F4 Screen

Is there something I am doing wrong?? In my case G30 is X 0 Y 68 Z 0.



I am running 4.02 Plasma and I just checked, G30 moves Z first and then X & Y move simultaneously to there parking positions. In my case Z0 is at the top of its travel and both X & Y are as far away from home as possible (around 68" for both)

If you would like a copy of my config to compare let me know, Ill be happy to upload it.


that would be helpful. So that is very odd that my controller would do that. Machine absolute Z 0.0 is at its highest travel away from the table. If I understand the G30 rule, Z should move first regardless of work Z 0.0 right? I made my work Z 0.0 the same as Absolute Z 0.0, put the spindle down near the table to test that theory and it still did a coordinate 3 axis move to G30? NOT good.

How could that be possible? What am I missing?

a few photos

one is of the parking position x0 y68 z0

second is the coordinates, work and absolute are the same dimensions

third is the video clearly showing all three axis moving at the same to time get to G30 (not allowed?) see here



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Ok, So I think you did find a bug, I made a bit of a error in my last post...

If I execute a G30 I see the same behavior that you do, What I did earlier was click on the "Go to parking position" button in the MDI box doing that Z moves first.

Very sorry for any confusion I caused!


None at all, I forgot to mention I wasn't using the Parking button but only typing in G30 or programing it. The button works as advertised, just not as code in a program or from the MDI window.

What it is also needing is an independent parking position for each MASSO build loaded, IE: plasma vs milling, lathe etc.

Actually I have never paid attention to the buttons under the MDI input window! lol. But now that I see them,

it would be more convenient to have AUX 1, AUX 2, AUX 3, CLAMP, PARK and DUST BOOT available directly on the F2 screen and not bury them on a sub screen. I would be completely fine with giving up some tool path graphic space for that convenience. Also to be able to (edit) custom label the AUX buttons to something meaningful for the operator

thanks for verifying I'm not crazy!