New guy in the classroom


Hello and thank you for letting me be a part of this forum.

I have just moved to Masso on an Old Wadkin CC2000S CNC machine, which I have converted to full ATC, with a 9kw Chinese ATC spindle, and new Closed look Stepper system.

So far, gotten it all wired up, having tested all the outputs and inputs used, almost ready to setup Tool locations on the table, and the location of the Tool sensor. I must admit, the Masso G3, is pretty easy to setup, it's very intuitive, even when gazing at the comrehensive 440 page manual it comes with. :p

In my little shop of horrors, I have a few machines already. A big 4x8' Flatbed CNC Router, also with a 9kw ATC spindle. Running Syntec Control system. I have a small 90W laser engraver 700x500mm. And I have just recieved my first VMC from Chinese Syil a month ago. Even though I haven't made a single chip on it yet. Been busy with a bunch of other things.

I mainly do sub contract work for other businesses. I am one of the few shops here in Denmark, that cut Carbon Fiber Sheets. Which is actually what I would like to move to the Wadkin CNC, when I get it up and running. It would be a lot better to run that on a smaller machine instead of my big Gantry router. So looking forward to see what it can do for me in the aspect.

Other than that I do pretty much most soft materials, Foam, wood, Plastic, a bit of aluminium, brass and so on. The VMC hopefully will bring me into the metal working world, so that's gonna be an exciting adventure.

But this forum, will be for the Masso on the Wadkin CNC. For now, everything seems to work perfectly. Just waiting for an answer to my first question posted under the ATC tab of this forum.

Thx for having me here, looking forward to a lot of good things.