New with Masso project


Hello all,

Just received a 2nd hand Masso, and want to try to build a 5 axis OX metal cnc.
Because of this project i bought a 3D printer to build some parts myself.

I have a little knowlage of cnc machines, and looking forward to build it.
Because my Masso was a ebay sell for cheap, i could not resist to buy it.

First i need to finish some enclosure for my 3d printer to print all needed 3d parts in ABS.
Meanwhile want to test if my Masso works and start buying all other needed parts.
I noticed the load and update video, this will be my first test if the Masso works.
Just need the right software to upload,is there a download file register on this forum?
Planning on using nema 23 steppermotors, and prefer a motor and drive comination packagedeal. Any suggestions with reasonable price are welcome.

The cnc will be with 1000x2000mm bed i hope, need to find a good spot with enough room in my workshop or it will be a bit smaller. I also start practicing with autodesk fusion360 for my 3d printer and hopefully also usable for the cnc.

As all videos of Masso are clear to me, i hope this part of my project will be smooth.
Looking forward to learn from you all.
Kind regards,