Newbe Intro - Gerber Sabre 408 Retrofit


G'day from America. I'm Brian and recently inherited a Gerber Sabre 408 that I'm retrofitting with MASSO G3, 12Nm Nema34 closed-loop steppers with HSC86H micro-stepping drivers, and a 7.5kw VFD to control the Colombo RC110 ATC spindle.

I've done some CNC previously (helping a friend get a 5' x 10' Chinese CNC and Mach3 up and running), and lots of 3D printing and laser cutting. I'm also hoping to build a 4' x 4' metal tray with 2" sides that I can bolt to my table and fill with water and add a plasma torch to do some plasma cutting as well. But we'll see how the retrofit goes first.

I'm a Mac user, though I have an XP machine for one of my laser cutters.

I look forward to this new adventure.