newby from the pacific northwest


john oakley

I am not completely new to cnc but after 6 months of storage I have moved my 2 machines to lopez island Washington. My brain has lost info on setting gcode for the auto height set..

I started using cnc routers 10 or 11 years ago when we started a drone company cutting carbon fiber and copper boards. I used a k2 machine for 10 of those years and cut a lot of carbon. In the beginning i bought a frame from cnc wizard off of the cnc group but it took me until a couple years ago the actually finished the electronics. This machine is a mach 3 thing and has cut a lot of plaques for my wife. I have a board from masso to up grade it this year.

my current newer machine started out as a frame from a fellow in Canada , George i believe. It has duel drives on X and is a 36 by 50 cutting area. this guy is heavy duty and will cut aluminum as well as wood and carbon.

It will be fun to see this forum grow