No "Jump to Line" in Lathe version?


Good Day - This feature is missing in the lathe version? How inconvenient when the threading cycle is the last tool in a 4 tool set and you want to case a tho off.

Why? The functionality is already developed.



Yea. What do you do as you'er proving a program and need to size a diameter, bored hole, grooves and thread?



Yah what I do is get really close, repost as needed then I edit the program occasionally to keep everything within tolerances. So I'm cutting a 1.5" dia. Pocket and it really is 1.55 programmed size to get what I want. Then I check every part and as the size changes I edit the dia. As needed to stay on tolerance. It's all about the tolerance on the drawing.



@westyone - I honesty haven't done much with my machine. I built it to make threaded studs and currently i can't do that. I've only been playing with the studs and using the masso wizard which has made it simple to make adjustments. But when i do start to make them to sell i wont be able to use the wizards as it can't chamfer.

I did read one of the other post ( that you can edit the file on masso. So it could be adjusted here without having to jump back in fusion or whatever program you're using. This is where it would be helpful to have that jump to line function after the code had been edited.