No lights on power ip on masso


I bench tested the masso with power 12 vdc power supply, installed it on back plane on rail and now i can not get the masso to power up. Only thing hooked ip is the power supply . I have 12 vdc at the plug terminal , but masso will not power up. Looking for any suggestion as to why,

is it fused somewhere on the board?


Ok ,after further investigation tried a different power supply and it came to life.( the one I bench tested with)

Going to investigate this new linear power supply I bought ,it s a 5 ,12,48 power supply ,it is at 12.07 volts

And the regulated power supply I changed to is at 12.5. Volts.

not sure why it would make a difference, but several hours of pulling my hair out ,changing power cables and any thing else I could think of , came down to that.

ive included pic of both power supply s for any ones interest


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Glad you got it going but it is most curious.

The Masso works at voltages below 12 volts so you should be ok. The reason you want 12 volts or higher is 10 volts is needed for Spindle speed control. The power supply looks big enough but did you check the voltage once the Masso was connected. Maybe it can't supply the required current and the voltage falls below the minimum. Maybe the 12 Volt regulator is faulty.




Yes it ended up being the power cable from the transformer. It was brand new shielded cable i used. I replaced it with another section of new cable , and it is working fine now. I checked with a volt meter and had 12.07 volts
After replacing the cable it now shows 12.5 volts and is working just fine now!

Now on to Getting the settings for the motors to work.

does anyone know of a way to reset the Masso to brand new factory settings ?

Think it might be better. To start out fresh,